Women- want to avoid diabetes ? gear up with your exercise shoes

Glasgow University researchers have found that exercise can cut the risk of type 2 diabetes among women. The team of the researchers, led by Dr Jason Gill found that the results after a seven weeks of exercise program in women.

At the end of the study, they find that the insulin resistance has dropped by 22% in women with high risk of diabetes. Insulin resistance is considered to be the most important biological risk factor for developing diabetes.

The group of the researchers have tested 34 volunteers who had at least one type 2 diabetic parent against 36 volunteers whose parents had no history of the condition.All the women undertook an exercise training program of three 30 minute exercise sessions in the first week, working up to five 60 minute sessions in weeks six and seven. Exercise was focused on cardiovascular activities such as running, using a rowing machine, aerobics and cycling.

The research team also think of additional studies to determine whether the same logic applies to men patients also.

Source: BBC NEWS

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