Is Sugar Consumption Safe For Diabetics?

We people live in a misconception that diabetic people can’t have sugar or they must buy and eat special foods for diabetics. In this conception we run to the stores to buy diabetes friendly food which are showing up in the supermarket and thus increasing popularity.

Although these special diet are not worthy. As now-a-days the certified dietitian never recommend the diabetics to leave sugar.

What sugar do is just add calories to the weight, and its high fat concentration increases the heart disease risk.

Dietitian Hope Warshaw, a certified diabetes educator and author of “Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy” (American Diabetes Association, $14.95) asked ‘What is diabetic food?’ According to him there is no such special foods that people with diabetes need to eat. The nutrition recommendations for the people with diabetes are the same as that of general public - no rigid.

Another registered dietitians Karen Chalmers and Amy Campbell co-authors of a new book “16 Myths of a Diabetic Diet“(American Diabetes Association, $14.95), says that “Gone are the days when sugar is strictly off limits. All carbohydrates break down into glucose in the same way. Your body doesn’t recognize whether the carbohydrate is a cookie, slice of bread or a potato.”

According to Campbell , Diabetic patients should concentrate to keep a track of total carbohydrates they take rather than, concentrating on eliminating sugar totally.

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