USA failed to prevent diabetes

Is USA losing the war against diabetes? This is one of the few question comes to one’s mind when he saw their diabetic population. The diabetic population has doubled during the last few years.

Diabetes especially the type 2 diabetes(NIDDM) is eating the men power fast. Millions of people are coming under its grip. Even experts predict to face a diabetes epidemic in near future. Also the same disease can bring various fatal diseases like stroke, heart disease and blindness.

However, there is yet a ray of hope. Here are some tips from the Aparicio and
- Commit to manage your diabetes. This means accepting the fact you have the disease, and listening to your physicians and other health-care providers.
- Lose weight. Most people who develop type 2 diabetes are significantly overweight,
- Visit your doctors regularly. People with diabetes should see their endocrinologist, family physician and eye doctor once a year to check for signs of diabetes-related complications.
- Get vaccinated. People with diabetes often have weakened immune systems and are at greater risk for flu-related complications.
- Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under control. People with diabetes have an increased chance of developing heart disease.

Source: EricTimes News

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