Urbanization comes with diabetes threat to rural people

Upward social mobility is the natural trend worldwide. But like any other changes in the world, urbanization does not come alone. It has its own side effects too.

Doctors have found that as a part of the urbanization, village people are getting more addicted to urban life. As a result, they are more at risks to develop diseases like diabetes.

The disease is grouped under metabolic syndrome - risk factors linked to overweight and obesity that increase a person’s likelihood of suffering a heart attack, diabetes, stroke, and hypertension.

The number of people with diabetes in the urban areas is about 8 to 10 percent, which is basically stable and has been gradually decreasing; and in the rural areas the number is about 5 percent. People that show signs of contracting diabetes in the rural areas is about 4 percent more than those in the urban areas.

Ning Guang professor of endocrinology and vice-president of Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, said,

“The most obvious change in the living conditions of rural people is in their diet. More and more of them today can afford fish, chicken and Western fast food.These foods are high in fat, cholesterol and calories, but low in fiber. They are far from healthy.”

Also the introduction of the blessing of modern life add to the problem. Lack of exercise, less physical activity are some important reasons. Other reasons includes urban pressure, depression, stress among the other.

Source: China Daily

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