UC’s Pancreatitis Cure May Cause Diabetes but Worth It

As part of chronic pancreatitis treatment, the doctors at the University of Cincinnati’s Pancreatic Disease Center has offfered the surgical solution to remove the pancreas to harvest islet cells from the organ, and then re-implanted the cells into his body to help manufacture insulin. The hospital has completed around 100 such treatment successfully, as the process has cured many from debilitating pain, said surgeon Syed Ahmad.

Pancreatitis occurs when the pancreas, a long, tapered gland that rests behind the stomach, becomes damaged by scarring and fibrous tissues. Alcohol use is sometimes a factor, but for most people, unlucky genetics are the real culprit, Dr. Syed Ahmad said.

The pancreas produces the digestive juices that break down food. However, on the other hand, removal of pancreas can bring other problems like diabetes, low blood sugar. The patients, after the treatment, have to take life long medicine, which somebody can not tolerate.

The treatment was started way back in 1970. Till then a number of surgeries took place, among whom, almost 40% cases have received success, say sources. In majority of such cases the patients do not need to take insulin any more. The patients, in most cases improve within six month after surgery, assures Dr. Syed Ahmad.


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