Type 2 diabetes patients must control blood sugar ASAP to get best results

British researchers have found that the blood sugar and blood pressure should be treated as soon as possible promptly and intensively. It can lessen the chances of problems like heart attack. Thus the study finds that blood sugar control is a must for all those whom suffer from type 2 diabetes (NIDDM).

The study was conducted by the researchers in the Churchill Hospital in Oxford, England. Some 5,100 British adults newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes were assigned to one of those treatment plans. They stayed with the study for six to 20 years.

When the study ended in 1997, the patients were free to follow whatever type 2 diabetes treatment they chose with their doctors. Most started taking diabetes drugs.That doesn’t mean they abandoned diet; it just means that they were all allowed to take drugs, too. A healthy diet is a staple of diabetes care.

When the study ended, the patients who took the intensive approach were less likely to have died from diabetes, had a stroke, or developed diabetes-related complications. But two years later, when the patients could handle their blood pressure however they wanted to, it was a different story.

The study was published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Source: WebMD

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