Type 2 diabetes drug Dutogliptin is awaiting for promotion

Now there is a good news for patients who are suffering from type 2 diabetes as a new drug which will be soon promoted by two major companies named Phenomix and Forest laboratories claims to control blood sugar successfully.

This drug named Dutogliptin is a once-daily pill for type 2 diabetics, that helps in controlling blood sugar, by inhibiting an enzyme from breaking down a hormone that stimulates insulin production in the pancreas. The hormone also reduces glucagon production by the pancreas. Both of those functions contribute to blood sugar control.

This announcement of promotion was done by Phenomix, a privately held San Diego company, in association with Forest Laboratories. In their announcement Phenomix says that they will finish developing this new drug for type 2 diabetes as soon as possible as this will provide them cash up front. It is assumed that this deal will bring the company a total $340 million.


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