Top 10 ways how diabetics should protect their feet

If high level of glucose persists in our blood for a longer period of time,  it can disturb or even stop our nerves to carrying signals from limbs to brain.

This nerve damaging function of diabetes is known as diabetic neuropathy. Almost fifty percent of diabetic patients suffering for a longer period suffers from  nervous disabilities.

Though most of the diabetes patients in future will surely have to face the foot problems, but it can be reversed if they could try to be little alert about it, and religiously maintain some simple procedures for the protections of their lower limbs.

According to experts diabetics can protect their feet, lets see how :

1. Check your feet at least twice a day, that is early in the morning and before going to bed.

2. Keep your blood sugar level in control. Take medicines or insulin shots regularly as prescribed by your doctor.

3.  Keep away from alcohol. Alcohol is processed in the body very similarly to the way fat is processed, and alcohol provides almost as many calories. Therefore, drinking alcohol with diabetes can cause your blood sugar to rise.

4. Keep away from smoking. According to a South Korean study,  constant smoking increases the chance of diabetes as adiponectin level gradually goes on decreasing.

5. Strictly follow your diabetic food chart.

6. Never experiment with food or medicine by yourself or by the advice from any person apart from a diabetes specialist.

7. Always file your toenails perfectly, as sharp ends may damage the other feet.

8. Never ever try to remove corns etc always take help from an expert.

9. Use quality shoes and stockings.

10. Be very much careful when feelings in your feet are less, avoid to try yourself hot compress, because in this situation unknowingly you may burn your feet, always keep you shoes on to avoid steeping on sharp items, like glasses, nails etc.

Additionally you should not rub you feet roughly, avoid dryness by using very gentle lotions preferably baby lotions and creams. Feet should be always clean and fresh.

Any slightest abnormalities should be taken care off urgently. Periodically a nurse or a medical person should check your feet., and enjoy you life.

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