Takeda’s Once Daily Drug Alogliptin ( DPP-4 Inhibitor ) Successful in Type 2 Diabetes Control

Alogliptin, the experimental diabetes drug manufactured by the pharmaceutical giant Takeda Pharmaceutical Ltd. promises to lower the blood sugar down significantly. Research presented at the annual meeting of the American Diabetes Association in San Francisco reveals this. Alogliptin belongs to a new class of drug called D 44. Robert Spanheimer, of the Takeda Pharmaceutical Ltd says that the new drug is backed by broad research work.

The new drug Alogliptin, is believed to reduce the hemoglobin A1c significantly. Alogliptin and other drugs of the D 44 group like Januvia enhance the body’s ability to lower elevated levels of blood sugar. Abstracts of the trial results were released prior to the diabetes conference.

Takeda Pharmaceutical, the Japanese pharmaceutical giant has already launched Phase III trial of a pill combining alogliptin with Actos. It can be added that this Japanese company has already been known globally for its diabetes drug Actos. It has a sale of approximately $3 billion worldwide.


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