Take Charge of Diabetes and Stay Healhy

Rule your diabetes, don’t let your diabetes rule you. That’s the advice of Dr. Ian Blumer, author of the best-selling book Diabetes for Canadians for Dummies.

The Canadian Diabetes Association brought the doctor in as the keynote speaker for their regional annual meeting. His speech is free and open to the public.

According to Dr. Blumer :

Diabetics need to get control of their disease by empowering themselves with information from their physician or diabetes educator.

Both types of diabetics should eat properly, exercise regularly and check their blood-sugar levels often.

They should also have a yearly eye exam, keep their cholesterol and blood pressure under control and check their feet daily to avoid foot ulcers and possible amputation.

If their (blood-sugar) levels aren’t within target, they need to know which health-care provider to call to help them along. There’s no value in testing your blood, finding it high, and not knowing what to do about it.

Dealing with diabetes can be intimidating because there is so much to learn, but the payoff is a healthier, longer life.

While it’s not possible to prevent Type 1 diabetes, adults can reduce their odds of getting Type 2 diabetes by about 50 percent if they lose weight and exercise.

Even slim people who exercise can get Type 2 diabetes.

Genetics can also play a part in the disease. If both of your parents have Type 2 diabetes, there’s a high chance you’ll get it yourself, although healthy active living can still reduce your risk.

Dr. Blumer hopes that if people know their sister, mother, father and brother have diabetes, they would go that extra step, literally and figuratively to make sure that they don’t get diabetes.

For more information about Blumer’s diabetes management strategies, go to www.ruleyourdiabetes.com.

In Sudbury, people can learn more about diabetes management by visiting the Diabetes Education and Care Program, located at the YMCA Centre for Life on Durham St.

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