Environmental pollution creating diabetics?

josef-stuefer-world-of-green-globeA Great Lakes study linking a pesticide in fish to diabetes adds to the growing chorus of studies suggesting that environmental contaminants may play a role in the widespread disease. Full article »

Widely used synthetic insulin received green signal from FDA

jabreInternational studies published last week linked a very widely used synthetic insulin to increased risk of cancer. But millions of Indian diabetes patients who use the drug have reason to be relieved after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) — and other regulatory authorities across the world — have decided to review the safety of the drug but have urged patients not to stop treatment.

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Diabetes may pose more problems for pregnant women

superstock_1614r-11592Pregnant mothers with diabetes are at high risks to get a normal delivery and often their new borns are prone to contract several other diseases. Let us see what the physicians has to tell about it. Full article »

Top 10 hidden dangers of diabetes type 2 you must know

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. Nearly 85 to 90 % of all the patients with the disease suffer from from type 2 diabetes. It is also referred as late onset diabetes and characterized by insufficient production of insulin by pancreatic ß-cells or  insulin resistance (reduced target-tissue sensitivity to the effects of insulin).

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27% of Bahrainis are in the grasps of type 2 diabetes

Alarmingly about 27% of the Baharin population is suffering from type 2 diabetes, the main cause behind this is poor unhealthy diet and also high calorie over-eating,

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San Diego diabetes patients view weight loss as game of will power

A recent survey has found that 73 percent of type 2 patient viewed weight loss as solely a matter of willpower, when in fact a number of other factors, including some commonly used diabetes medications, play a role. The survey also found that seventy-one percent of San Diego residents had completed a diabetes education program compared to only half of respondents in a national survey. Despite this education, only half of those surveyed in San Diego recognized that there is a connection between diabetes medications and weight gain, compared to almost two-thirds of respondents nationally.

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