Naturlose offers natural suger taste without calorie to diabetics

healthys-smileNaturlose (Tagatose) a natural sugar supplement product launched by Spherix, promises to help the diabetics to enjoy sweet dishes even better now with almost no side effects. Full article »

Do you know about the side effects Of diabetes drugs?

Diabetes has affected millions of people across the world, still there are no known cures for the fataldisease. However, its a relief that a number of drugs have been developed to prevent, control and reduce the symptoms of diabetes.

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Washington County Health Department is going to launch education classes for diabetics

Washington County Health Department is soon going to start a new diabetes education class for the persons who have been newly diagnosed as diabetic.

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Gastric bypass surgery more effective to control diabetes

France based researchers have presented a new study to explain the difference between the lap-band surgery and gastric bypass surgery to reverse the symptoms of diabetes. They find that the changes in the intestine make all the difference in controlling the effects of diabetes.

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