Environmental pollution creating diabetics?

josef-stuefer-world-of-green-globeA Great Lakes study linking a pesticide in fish to diabetes adds to the growing chorus of studies suggesting that environmental contaminants may play a role in the widespread disease. Full article »

Abdominal fat more prone to make you diabetic?

fatBen-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers, in a collaboration with colleagues from the University of Leipzig, Germany, have identified a signaling pathway that is operational in intra-abdominal fat, the fat depot that is most strongly tied to obesity-related morbidity. Full article »

Weight-loss surgery effectively resolves Type II diabetes:study shows

In a study published in the March 2009 issue of The American Journal of Medicine, investigators analyzed 621 studies from 1990 to April of 2006, which showed that 78.1% of diabetic patients had complete resolution and diabetes was improved or resolved in 86.6% of patients as the result of bariatric surgery.

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$1.2 million to study hormonal influence on diabetes

ADAA promising research work. Hats off to American Diabetes Association & Novo Novo-NordiskNordisk . Well they would fund the study. The Association, from its very inception is fighting against this deadly, life-threatening, chronic disorder and has invested more than $500 million to fund different diabetes research projects.

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Kids born to gestational diabetic moms - suffer from language development problems

vocabulary-problemIt’s Quite true, children born to mothers diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy have high risks of language delay. Although there are many factors that contribute to poor development of vocabulary and grammar skills, this reason happens to be the most important driving force.

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Link between diabetes and cancer: obesity and depression

A new study finds diabetic cancer patients are more at risk to die from cancer. Thus the study is thought to have solved the unknown relation between the two- cancer and diabetes.

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Diabetes epidemic related to immunization

Latest research finds epidemic of type 2 diabetes/obesity/metabolic syndrome, linked with immunization. The study by Dr. J. Bart Classen is published in the Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews this week.

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Please check your weight it can lead to diabetes

Majority of the people view obesity as merely as cosmetic problem. In this way, they never take it seriously. Even they are not aware that the same disease can lead to fatal diseases like diabetes.

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Discovery of key molecular partnership may help fight obesity and diabetes epidemics

Team leader Dr. Mitchell Lazar and doctoral student Theresa Alenghat of University of Pennsylvania studied and discovered a key molecular partnership that could coordinates body rhythms and metabolism.

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Diabetes education classes in Georgia and South Carolina

A new study released by the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds a sharp increase in number of diabetes patients in the both Georgia and South Carolina. They are the two highest-risk states, more than 11 of every 1,000 residents in each state are now being diagnosed with the disease.

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