Sedentary lifestyle a reason behind growth of diabetes in USA

For the last few years, diabetes is growing in an alarming rate. For the past 20 years, US has shown a growing rate of a whopping 160 per cent in this disease. The Health of the People report in NSW (New South Wales) provides a snapshot of more than 70 health indicators.

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Advance Diabetes and other disease screening reduces CVD risk

Analysis of patients suffering from diabetes can bring a huge cut in Cardiovascular risk (CVD), a latest study done by UK researchers shows.

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Molecular Malfunction May Lead To Diabetes

Researchers in the the department of bioengineering at the University of California, San Diego have discovered that molecular malfunction may be the reason behind the development of high blood pressure, diabetes and immune problems. Rogue versions of enzymes known as proteases roam the body, clipping off working segments of the receptors that allow insulin to enter cells and do its job. The report, published in the online issue of Hypertension reports that uncontrolled enzymatic activity also reduces the immune system’s response to infection and raises blood pressure. Thus the study presents a new mechanism for disease and injury to the body.

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