Novo Nordisk’s Drug Liraglutide Better Than Byetta in Type 2 Diabetes (NIDDM) Control

Liraglutide the Novo Nordisk’s experimental type 2 diabetes drug is proved to control the blood sugar better. In a 26 week long head to head trial this Danish company finds that the patients given the liraglutide once a day have received a reduction of 1.1 percent in HCA1c levels, a key ingredient in blood sugar. Thus the drug works a step ahead of the other drug Byetta that has recorded less than 0.8% reduction in the blood sugar. Nearly 55% of the liraglutide patients reached the ADA target compared with close to 45 percent on Byetta, known chemically as exenatide. The company Novo Nordisk is looking forward to European and American approval next month.

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R1583 Type 2 Diabetes (NIDDM) Drug Gets Strong Rating

A drug having code number R 1583, a Swiss company’s product, is going to mark a significant improvement in the history of medical Diabetes.

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