Should gastric bypass surgery be applied in diabetes?

Recent success in gastric bypass surgery is forcing surgeons to make tough decisions about who should go under the knife and who shouldn’t. The success stories also stoking debate about its use as a treatment for type 2 diabetes. Mounting evidence suggests this type of surgery may dramatically improve patients with the disease, freeing them from a lifetime of diabetes medications.

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Diabetes and gastric pouch decisive factors in weight loss in gastric bypass patients

US researchers have identified two factors; diabetes and post-surgical pouch size as the decisive factors of weight loss in patient of post gastric bypass. Initial BMI, sociodemographic variables, other obesity-related comorbidities, and surgical factors - including surgical approach, gastrojejunostomy technique, and alimentary limb length - were not associated with weight loss outcomes.

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Gastric bypass surgery more effective to control diabetes

France based researchers have presented a new study to explain the difference between the lap-band surgery and gastric bypass surgery to reverse the symptoms of diabetes. They find that the changes in the intestine make all the difference in controlling the effects of diabetes.

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