‘Superdrug’ to Combat Killers Like Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer….

Australian Researchers at the University of NSW have developed an experimental super drug which could be used to combat a range of illnesses from diabetes to heart disease and cancer.

The drug, called Dz13, also could be used to treat blindness caused by macular-degeneration and diabetes, heart attack victims and people suffering inflammation.

The therapy targets a master regulator called c-Jun, a disease-causing gene found in diseased blood vessels, eyes, lungs, joints and in the gut.

Molecular biologist professor Levon Khachigian, who led the study, described the drug as a pre-programmed “molecular assassin” which cuts through the gene and kills it. It is like a secret agent that finds its target, c-Jun, within the cell and destroys it

He said it was too soon to know if the treatment, still in its early development, could act as a cure.

It is expected to be tested in skin cancer patients early next year.

Link [www.theage.com.au/news/national/superdrug-to-battle-killer-diseases/2006/07/03/1151778856006.html]

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