Study Finds Depression Can Cause Diabetes

A group of Chinese researchers have found that depression can lead to diabetes. The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reports the relationship between type 2 diabetes and other factors like obesity and sedentary lifestyle, including depression. The study included men and women age 45 to 84 years who enrolled in 2000-2002 and were followed up until 2004-2005.

The researchers have found that people with depression were 42 percent more likely to develop diabetes by the end of the study. Also they have studied other related factors like obesity, lack of physical activity and smoking, and found that the risk for diabetes was still 34 percent higher in patients with depression.

Dr. Sherita Hill Golden of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, said, “When we looked at the people in our study who had elevated symptoms of depression, they were more likely to eat more calories, they exercised less, and they were more likely to be current smokers. And as a consequence, they were also more obese.”

The findings suggest that integration of care may be helpful to these patients, Golden concluded.

Source: The News

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