Stem Cell Therapy Gives New Path to Cure Type 2 Diabetes

It has been found that direct implantation of stem cells into the pancreas of type 2 diabetic individuals enhances the production of endogenous insulin. Not only this, it also helps to increase C Peptide levels and decrease the sugar level in blood.

The autologus stem cell transplantation can produce insulin in diabetic individuals by regenerating the damaged Beta cells.

This was tested on nearly 16 type 2 diabetes patients. The patient’s skin is cleaned with disinfectant solution and a small incision is made in the skin (over the inguinal region) following administration of local anesthesia. A very minute puncture is then made in the femoral artery. The extracted stem cells are then introduced directly into the pancreas through a synthetic tube (catheter).

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  2. parkash basran Says:

    i am interested in having stem cell therapy for diabetes type 2 please give me more info sicerely appreciated thank you parkash

  3. jayashree Says:

    sir ,
    i am interested in having stem cell therapy for diabetes type 1 .(Juvenile diabetics)please let me know how to register and get the procedure done –jayashree

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