Some tips for those diagnosed with Diabetes just now

As diabetes is growing in an alarming rate, experts and various organizations are taking steps to spread awareness of the disease. For the same purpose, Theresa Garnero, Certified Diabetes Educator and Advanced Practice Registered Nurse has written a book on the disease.

Her book YOUR FIRST YEAR WITH DIABETES: What To Do, Month By Month deals in the advice, tips, and tricks geared towards making small, attainable lifestyle changes in the hopes of transforming diabetes into a manageable disease instead of a debilitating one.

Below are some of the issues that Garnero addresses when people are first diagnosed with diabetes:
Day 1: Mind Matters explains how to mentally approach a diagnosis of diabetes by re-framing one’s mindset.
Day 2: Diagnosis: Diabetes clarifies the various types of diabetes and the physiological implications of each on the body.
Day 3: Eat Wisely emphasizes the importance of a healthy diet and covers the fundamental rules of eating well.
Day 4: Get Active discusses the role and value of exercise to help manage diabetes.
Day 5: Check Glucose describes the different kinds of glucose tests available, how they work, and how to chose which one might be appropriate.
Day 6: A Tough Pill To Swallow addresses the initial decision to take medication in order to manage diabetes and its basic role on a day-to-day basis.
Day 7: Your Safety Net encourages the reader to establish a preliminary network of support people to help share the burden of diabetes.

Source: HealthNewsDigest

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