Snoring pregnant women at risk of diabetes

WASHINGTON - If you are pregnant and your husband complains about your repeated snoring, you may have bigger problems than a groggy, sleep-deprived partner.

A new study by Northwestern University has found that women who reported frequent snoring during their pregnancy were more likely to develop gestational diabetes. The condition can cause health problems for both the mother and infant.

Researchers also found that pregnancy increases the likelihood that a woman will snore.

Pregnant women who were frequent snorers had a 14.3 percent chance of developing gestational diabetes, while women who did not snore had a 3.3 percent chance.

Francesca Facco, study lead author said: “Snoring may be a sign of poor air flow and diminished oxygenation during sleep that can cause a cascade of events in your body. This may activate your sympathetic nervous system, so your blood pressure rises at night. This can also provoke inflammatory and metabolic changes, increasing the risk of diabetes or poor sugar tolerance.”

This is the first study to report a link between snoring and gestational diabetes.

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