Rural India Facing More Diabetes

The George Institute for International Health reports that populations in rural India may be set for an epidemic of diabetes.

The study, of 4,500 individuals, was conducted in 20 villages from the Godavari regions of Andhra Pradesh. Of those with diabetes, 67 percent were taking sugar lowering tablets, 3 percent were using insulin and 46 percent were taking blood pressure lowering agents.

The study found 13 percent of adults aged 30 or above were found to have diabetes in a developing area of Andhra Pradesh, while 16 percent exhibited features of pre-diabetes.

“These results confirm the speed with which health transition is occurring in even quite rural areas of India,” says Bruce Neal, a senior director at The George Institute. “The growth of conditions like diabetes is going to drive a huge increase in heart disease and stroke in regions that are not well equipped to deal with these diseases.”

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