Researchers found red wine pill can curb obesity and diabetes

SRT1720 can be an answer to the problems of obesity and diabetes. After successful experiments on mice model, researchers are hopeful to use the same on the human subjects. The drug appears to increase energy levels when exercising. The drug mimics the effects of an ingredient in red wine.

It targets a protein, which is also affected by resveratrol, a chemical in the skins of red grapes that’s believed to combat ageing and help prevent heart disease and cancer.

After 10 weeks of treatment, a low dose of SRT1720 partially protected the mice from weight gain, and a high dose completely prevented weight gain, improved blood sugar tolerance and endowed the animal with greater athletic ability.

It seems to trick the body into thinking food is scarce. A similar response occurs with calorie restriction, which switches the metabolism to burning fat.

Researchers now hope to start human trials and the drug could be available within five years.

Source: TOI

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