Psychological treatment effcetive in type 1 diabetes

British researchers have found that cognitive behavioral therapy coupled with motivational enhancement therapy may perform better in type 1 diabetes. Psychological issues may interfere with diabetes management. The effectiveness of psychological treatments in improving diabetes outcomes is uncertain.

The research was conducted by the researchers from the King’s College, London. For the study, they have assigned 344 type 1 diabetic patients with poorly controlled diabetes to either regular care, cognitive behavioral therapy or a combination of nurse-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational enhancement therapy.

Over 12 months, the researchers collected information on change in blood sugar levels, low blood sugar episodes, depression, quality of life, diabetes self-care activities, and weight.They found that patients who received both psychological therapies fared the best, having a greater decrease in blood sugar levels than patients who received usual care. However, the changes were small, they say, and this study cannot determine whether they would persist beyond 12 months.

Source: Reuters India

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