Prevention is better than cure for diabetes

Windber Research Institute people have started a new health research with a difference. They are working out chronic illness strategy based on limited preventive programs, Windber’s team is using the World Health Organization’s health promotion and disease prevention model, which starts with all patients completing a simple health survey.

Prevention is an important part of the WindberCare organization’s array of programs for chronic disease. Windber Medical Center offers treatment and support to control the disease, while the research institute has begun studying some risk factors at the molecular level.

KidShape, the Windber-led childhood obesity program proven to help promote healthy living and reduce disease.The elementary school program is funded by Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, which has contracted with Windber to develop a new program for older children.

Exercise programs at Windber HealthStyles, heart disease intervention through the Dean Ornish Program, and nutrition and disease management classes address different areas faced by those with diabetes.On the research end, Windber Research Institute scientists are looking at genetic factors that contribute to successful weight loss. They are studying patients who receive lap band weight control surgery.

Chief Wellness Officer Dr. Matthew Masiello said,

“It’s a strategy to identify patients with chronic illness and direct them to programs that reduce or eliminate the risk of disease.We can use that to monitor their health risk, follow the patient and refer them to programs. If you have the documentation and you are able to code for those health risks, that’s the tool the insurance companies and government needs to address the issues of diabetes and other chronic illness.”

Source: The Tribune Democrat

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