Pre-pregnancy diabetes can lead to birth defects in newborn

In the biggest study of its kind, the researchers from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found the link between diabetes and the child birth defects. The study concluded that diabetic mother runs the risks of delivering a defective child by three or four times. The birth defects can be anything like heart defects, missing kidneys and spine deformities.

The study lists nearly 40 types of birth defects found to be significantly more common in the infants of diabetic mothers than in those who weren’t diabetic or who were diagnosed with diabetes after they became pregnant.The study’s list of diabetes-associated birth defects is longer than those found previously. Birth defects affect one in 33 babies born in the United States, and cause about one in five infant deaths. The cause of most birth defects isn’t known but some risk factors include obesity, alcohol, smoking and infections.

As the part of the study, mothers were asked if they had been diagnosed with diabetes before or during their pregnancy. The researchers said those who were diagnosed while pregnant either had a temporary, pregnancy-induced condition called gestational diabetes or had diabetes that had gone undiagnosed until they were pregnant. About 2 percent of the children with single birth defects were born to mothers who had diabetes before they became pregnant. About 5 percent of the infants with multiple defects were born to mothers with that condition. In healthy births, the percentage of mothers who were diabetic before pregnancy was much lower.


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  1. Samman Says:

    Im diabetic since 2002, now im getting married in few months.
    But im still nervous and tensed about this issue that can i produce healthy babies with this Type 1 diabetes, as im using injections of Solostar Lantus and Solostar Apidra and also taking some tablets relating to my nerves and lateron prevention from kidney diseases.

    Plz provide me some information about it.
    I’ll be thankful.

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