PPAR-gamma Agonists Diabetes Drug Increases Risk Of Heart Failure

PPAR-gamma agonists drugs which are used to treat individuals with diabetes, are associated with a slightly increased risk of heart failure, a new study says.

In the study, Ira Goldberg and colleagues at Columbia University, New York, generated mice expressing increased amounts of PPAR-gamma in the heart compared with normal mice to determine the effects of increased PPAR-gamma activity in the heart.

Fat and carbohydrates accumulated in the heart muscle cells of these mice causing a deterioration in heart function which is as glucolipotoxicity. Administration of a PPAR-gamma agonist to these mice exacerbated their heart dysfunction. The authors therefore conclude that the adverse effect of PPAR-gamma agonists on heart function in humans might be due to glucolipotoxocity.

Link [www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/09/070906214958.htm]

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