Poor Children Face Greater Risk of Diabetes

The childhood socio-economic condition can play a major role to develop diabetes in adulthood. The researchers at the Portland State University School of Community Health have found it by a new study that covered more than three decades. Participants who were disadvantaged in youth were more likely to develop diabetes than better-off peers were during the 34-year study time frame.

The lead author of the study Siobhan Maty, said, “Our study, among others, shows a strong, persistent effect of childhood socioeconomic position on the development of diabetes in adulthood, even after taking later-life socioeconomic position into account.”

Maty and fellow researchers evaluated data from a study of adults ages 17 to 94 residing in Alameda County, Calif., from 1965 through 1999. Of the 5,913 participants, 307 developed diabetes during the 34 years. Almost 65 percent were from poor households in childhood. Fifty-four percent of those with diabetes were women. Being overweight or obese as an adult further increased the risk of developing diabetes in this group.

As per American Journal of Public Health 98(8), 2008, childhood socio economic position, gender, adult body mass index are main reasons for incidence of type 2 diabetes in the Alameda County Study.

Source: Science Daily

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