Please check your weight it can lead to diabetes

Majority of the people view obesity as merely as cosmetic problem. In this way, they never take it seriously. Even they are not aware that the same disease can lead to fatal diseases like diabetes.

For worse, the world has seen the number of youths as victims of both obesity and diabetes.
As lifestyle plays a major role in diabetes, unhealthy eating habits contribute largely to the disease. Sedentary lifestyles, high fat diet, in addition to age, race family history are risk factors for both diabetes and obesity.

Being obese or overweight puts your body under a lot of stress. One of them is the body’s ability to use glucose. Being obese can also cause your body to be insulin resistant. Which means over a period of time this insulin resistance can lead to diabetes. This also implies that if you already are diabetic then your body will need more insulin.

Proper nutrition and exercise assist people suffering from obesity and diabetes in living better as well as longer. Obese can prevent developing diabetes by making healthier food choices. Avoid snacking, ice cream and candy instead of eating all this you should try to include more and more quantity of foods and vegetables. Apart from this regular exercise is also very effective in preventing obesity and diabetes. Make habit of walking and doing work out if you want to prevent diabetes or manage it. Also regular exercise is like a boon in fighting against obesity and diabetes.

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