Obesity and diabetes engulf the USA

Diabetes is the growing epidemic worldwide. Rich and wealthy nations like USA have come under its grip almost completely. Recently studies have found that states like West Virginia and South Carolina lead the diabetic population.

West Virginia topped the list of states, with 13 in 1,000 adults with diabetes. South Carolina has the second highest rate of diabetes with 11.4 diabetes cases per 1,000 residents. For worse, it is a leading cause of death in USA.

Researchers and doctors cite problems like sedentary lifestyle and the traditional Southern diet, heavy on fried and fatty foods, behind the problem. Though the problem is particularly acute in South Carolina, the obesity epidemic has driven up the rate of diabetes nationwide. In the past 10 years, the number of diabetes cases across the country almost doubled.

Almost 28 percent of adults are considered obese in South Carolina, according to the Trust for America’s Health. About two-thirds of South Carolinians are merely overweight. Health officials blame not only our Southern diet but a sedentary lifestyle. One in four South Carolina adults doesn’t exercise at all, studies have found.

Public health officials offer strong ideas for encouraging healthier living. Much of the emphasis, they say, should be on the public schools — because good or bad habits often are learned at an early age. Stronger PE classes are needed as well as higher nutritional standards for food served on campus.

Officials encourage employers to offer workers more places and time to work out, subsidize health club memberships and provide better insurance coverage for preventive care. Local communities, meanwhile, should increase access to healthy foods for low-income areas and improve local amenities (sidewalks, parks, bike paths, ballparks, tennis courts) conducive to physical activity.

Source: greenvilleonline.com

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