Novo Nordisk drug proves successful in type 2 diabetes trial

Diseases like type 2 diabetes and obesity are growing at an alarming rate around the world. Diabetes, especially the type 2 diabetes, can lead to various problems like kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, blindness and even death.

As a probable reaction to the problem, the doctors in the conference of the European Association of the Study of Diabetes in Rome, have discussed the latest treatment of diabetes type 2, arguably the greatest long-term problem facing 21st-century medicine. The Rome conference was given details of a phase 3 clinical study of liraglutide, Novo Nordisk manufactured by . The international trial involved 4,000 people suffering from diabetes type 2.

Once liraglutide has been approved it will be used as an addition to metformin. This can be enhanced by adding a glitazone. Liraglutide increases the quantity and the quality of a patient’s remaining beta cells, increases insulin sensitivity and decreases glucagon production.

.A greater understanding of the body’s method of regulating carbohydrate and hence blood sugar levels, whether from the porridge and muesli of the health-conscious eater or the chocolates and biscuits of the comfort-eater, has enabled the development of liraglutide, a new drug designed to improve blood sugar control.

It can also increase weight loss, reduce blood pressure and have a beneficial effect on the beta cells.It also has the advantage of reducing the appetite so that people won’t be so tempted to visit the biscuit tin and will keep their weight down.

Source: Timesonline

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