New gene responsible for diabetes and obesity found

A new research done by the researchers of Germany has revealed that, natural mutation in the Tbc1d1 gene protects the body of mice against diabetes and obesity.

During the research the researchers identified a new kind of gene which not only keeps the mice lean but also protects it against diabetes despite a high-fat diet.

They moreover found that mutation which when knocks out the Tbc1d1 gene causes increased fat uptake in skeletal muscle and, at the same time, boosting of fat oxidation. Which reduces the, glucose uptake of muscles regulating energy metabolism.

As because humans and mice are genetically similar, the researchers are very hopeful that this discovery may lead to the invention of new medication and treatment for obesity and diabetes.

This research which was led by Hadi Al-Hasani and Hans-Georg Joost of German Institute of Human Nutrition (Deutsches Institut fuer Ernaehrungsforschung Potsdam-Rehbruecke, DIfE) is going to publish today in the scientific journal Nature Genetics.


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