New Device (I-Port) Could be Used to Reduce the Pain of Needles

I-PortA new device, invented by K.K.Patton, a diabetic mom has created a revolution in the life of diabetic patients.

I-Port is the device which claims to minimize the pain of the needles that a diabetic has to suffer.

Type I Diabetes is an Insulin Dependent Diabetes, and thus all the patients suffering from this disease has to take insulin injection four times a day. This is a very painful procedure.

Diabetic mom K.K.Patton is suffering from Type I diabetes and thus she knows the pain of these injection shots. And so, to minimize the pain she has created a new device named I-Port.

I-Port is quarter size device. It consists of a soft cannula, adhesive pad and a resealable septum. It has a special way of working.

It functions as a medication delivery channel directly into the subcutaneous tissue (the tissue layer located just beneath the skin). When applying the I-Port, an insertion needle guides a soft cannula (a small, flexible tube) under the skin. Once applied, the insertion needle is removed and only the soft cannula remains below the skin, acting as the gateway into the subcutaneous tissue.

To inject through the I-Port, the needle of a syringe or insulin pen is used. The needle remains above the surface of the skin, while the medication is immediately delivered through the soft cannula and into the subcutaneous tissue.

The major benefit of this device is that it can (I-Port) accommodate 75 injections, and could be worn for up to 72 hours. Thus in three days only once while using this device the skin gets punctured.

“You just have to stick yourself once every three days and you’re minimizing the number of needles sticks from 12 sticks every 3 days to one every three days,” explained Dr. Rajiv Dattatreya.

Many Diabetic patients believe that this new invented I-Port will help them to lead a better and pain free life.


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