New Almera to make way to the diabetes diet chart soon

Here is a good news for those diabetes patients. They will soon get a potato to enjoy freely. The new type of potato Almera is about to rule the Australian market soon. Apart from diabetic, it is suitable for those who want to maintain a healthy weight.

Graham Liney, who lives about two hours from Canberra, in Laggan, brought Almera to Australia for Dutch potato cooperative Agrico. He said that the product is unique as it won’t push their blood sugar levels up.

Carbohydrates with low GI (glycaemic index) release energy slowly so you stay fuller for longer and maintain steady energy levels. Diabetics are advised to avoid high-GI foods, which give the body an instant energy hit and send blood sugar on a roller-coaster ride. Almera is available in Australia in small quantities on a seasonal basis.

Dr Alan Barclay, chief scientific officer of the Glycaemic Index Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that conducts research into the glycaemic index and health, said it was an important addition to Australian tables.

Source: Farmonline

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