Natural way to stay slim and fight diabetes risk

So far we only know about dieting, exercise and on a slim chances, starving as the secret of slimming. Now a natural fungus can also help you to cut those extra weight and will help fight diabetes and obesity risks. Also, according to the British Nutrition Foundation’s journal, it can help in reducing the risks of heart attack.

The fungus is known as Fusarium venenatum can lower cholesterol and could help reduce high levels of blood glucose and insulin.. According to the experts, a diet rich in mycoprotein. Mycoprotein is a meat-free form of high quality protein which is made by adding oxygen, nitrogen, glucose and minerals to this natural fungus.

As a part of their study, the researchers have reviewed data relating to the benefits of mycoprotein, a key ingredient in meat substitutes like Quorn.The review discovered reported cholesterol reductions of up to 14 per cent among people eating 190 grammes of mycoprotein a day for three weeks.

As for the expanation, the researchers said that mycoprotein might be useful in the management of obesity and type 2 diabetes because it slows the transport of food sugars from the stomach to the bloodstream. This has the effect of lessening the peaks and troughs often seen in blood glucose and insulin levels after meals.

Source: ANI

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