Nasal insulin proves to be ineffective for reducing diabetes

Researchers from Finland had discovered the fact that Nasal administration of insulin does not prevent the diabetic infants and childrens from condition developing.

This was concluded by undergoing a study by Drs Kirsti Nanto-Salonen and Olli Simell, of the University of Turku, Finland, and colleagues involving 116720 cord blood samples of infants and 3430 of their siblings. Then 264 children (224 index/40 siblings) were entered into the controlled study, who were tested positive for two or more autoantibodies in consecutive samples 3-6 months apart.

Of these, 115 index/22 siblings were in the insulin group (dose 1 unit/kg), and 109 index/18 siblings in the placebo group.

The researchers found that similar numbers of index children from both groups were diagnosed with type I diabetes : 49 insulin versus 47 placebo; 42 and 38 of those were children.

Thus concluding that nasal insulin administration did not delay or prevent type I diabetes in children.

This research work is published online in the upcoming edition of The Lancet.


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