Mumbai gets first type 2 diabetes surgery in Asia

Finally Asia receives its first type 2 diabetes surgery. This time Mumbai takes the lime light as the surgery was performed there only. The ileal interposition surgery helps eliminate the need for medication and also helps in secretion of insulin faster.

Moreover, the surgery was performed on 52-year-old LPG deliveryman from Mathura, Vrajendra Singh. He was suffering from diabetes and experienced many problems in eyes and kidney. He could, in fact, barely walk a kilometer.He feels a new life after the surgery. He can walk more and is thinking of returning to his work and normal life very soon.

Dr Ramen Goel, Laparoscopy and Bariatric surgeon, Bombay Hospital said,

“Primary advantage of the surgery is that GLP - 1 (insulin) is secreted in response to food stimulus. Also, evidence shows that the surgery helps in increase of insulin secretion.”

Source: express India

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