Modern device to check your blood sugar

The modern time has seen so many devices for diabetes. In tonight’s Eye on Health, Perry Olson shows us some of the devices keeping blood sugar levels in check.

The newest device to hit the market is called the I-Port. it serves as a spot on the body where shots can be given for 72 hours straight…removing the need for a pump

Checking blood sugar levels remains one of the most important tasks a diabetic faces everyday…and doing so now means carrying this...a glucose meter.

That meter is much smaller than is was years ago making it easier to put in a purse…or pocket. And when it is needed so often…sometimes eight times a day, small is good. Getting the levels to doctors is easier too. More and more diabetics do not have to deal with the pen they get their insulin 24-7, with this insulin pump.

Source: KX News Team

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