Medication, nutrition, exercise: make life happy in diabetes

Diabetes is the growing epidemic the worldwide. It is a fatal disease and it makes life hell. Researchers suggest three parts of to take care of. They are: medications to regulate, carbohydrates to count, and exercises to complete. You see, diabetes is a three-legged stool. Without any one leg, the stool will not stand. As the stool requires balance to serve its purpose, so does your life.

Medication- Take the time to learn about your diabetes medications. Find out how they work to control your blood sugars.Also do not forget to visit your doctor regularly.

Nutrition – As it has been said before, ‘you are what you eat.’ What goes into your body helps to determine your blood sugar levels. Learn how to make a diabetes friendly good diet. You can also eliminate your need for diabetes-related medications by delivering excellent nutrition to impaired tissues..

Exercise – Whether you are walking or cycling, scrubbing floors or raking leaves, you are exercising. For some people, it is just a luxury. But proper exercise can minimize chances of many fatal diseases like heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. It lowers blood sugar and helps you to keep your sugar under control. To conclude, without exercise, diabetics fight an uphill battle.


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