Medical Body Decides To Recruit Residents To Study Diabetes And Kidney

The National Institute of Health and the Micronesian Institute of Prevention and Research have decided to recruit residents to help them find the genetic causes of diabetes and kidney disease. Research Coordinator Tanisha Franquez said the study is intended to better understand why the conditions are so prevalent in the Pacific.

Participants must answer a 20-minute medical questionnaire and provide samples of their blood and urine. Volunteers can visit the Skilled Nursing Facility in Barrigada Heights. Franquez said participants must be 18 or older and Pacific Islander or Filipino. Volunteers who do not have diabetes or kidney disease must fast for a day before they are screened.

Speaking on the recruitment of the residents,Tanisha Franquez says,

“We are looking for the particular gene, or genes rather, that may or may not cause diabetes or kidney disease. Everyone is well aware it could be caused by environmental factors, like the lack of exercise or poor diet, however, sometimes it isn’t the obese person in a family who becomes diabetic.”


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