Maternal Diabetes and Obesity Are Reasons Behind Type 2 Diabetes Among Children In Adolescence

University of Colorado researchers have studied to find out that the babies born to the diabetic and obese mothers, run the chances of developing type 2 diabetes in adolescence. Dr. Dana Dabelea and her co-researchers have studied 79 youths who were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes before their 20th birthday and 190 nondiabetic control youths.

The team of the researchers have found that nearly 30% of the youths develop diabetes in the wombs of their mothers. The same was true for overweight and obesity. Nearly 57 percent of diabetic youth are found to be exposed to maternal overweight/obesity. Dabelea and colleagues estimate that 47 percent of youth-onset type 2 diabetes can be attributed to prenatal exposure of maternal diabetes and obesity.

In a statement the lead researcher of the study, Dr. Dana Dabelea at the University of Colorado Denver said,

“the odds for type 2 diabetes was 2.5-fold higher when the diabetes was diagnosed before versus after pregnancy. This finding suggests that even in the selected group of offspring at high genetic risk, exposure to diabetes in utero is associated with a further increase in type 2 diabetes risk.”

Source: Reuters

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