Low- income diabetic women suffer from pregnancy related depression

diabetesA triangular link is established among diabetes, less income and depression. Each simultaneously affecting a pregnant woman. It is observed and hence proved from research work that low-income diabetic would-be-mothers have increased probability of both perinatal and postpartum depression.

In a retrospective cohort study of pregnant Medicaid patients, 15.2% of women with pre-pregnancy or gestational diabetes, vs 8.5% of women without diabetes, were depressed in the perinatal period, which encompassed the last 6 months of pregnancy to 1 year after delivery.

Among women who did not have prenatal depression, 9.6% of women with diabetes vs 5.9% of women without diabetes developed postpartum depression.

The research was conducted by the Harvard Medical School,Boston and the report was published in Medscape Psychiatry.  One of the expert believes that if properly diagnosed postpartum depression can be treated.  Otherwise it can lead to long lasting negative effects.

Postpartum depression which affects about 10-12% of new mothers usually occur due to previous depression, stressful life events, difficult delivery, and neonatal health problems.

Why depression? Obviously money matters. Low income women have limited emotional, social, and financial support. But beware depression can complicate normal course of pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

Avoid depression for sound mental and physical health of you and your child.


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