New study suggests to change your high fiber diabetes diet

Canada based researchers have concluded that contrary to popular belief, high fiber diets are not effective in diabetes and heart disease. Instead, they found beans, peas, pasta, lentils and boiled rice are better for controlling them.

The lead researcher of the study Professor David Jenkins of Toronto-based St. Michael’s Hospital, said low GI (glycemic index) diet can also minimise the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease. It does this better than a diet high in fibre, but with a higher GI. IT can be added that GI is a measure for calculating the glucose level of the blood. A low GI diet contains foods that have a low glucose level.

The group of researchers have picked up 210 patients with type-2 diabetes and divided them into two groups for diet treatment. They compared the effects of a low GI diet versus a high-fibre diet on glycemic control and cardiovascular risk factors for these patients for a period of six months.After the six-month diet treatment, the researchers found that the haemoglobin level (blood glucose level) decreased by -0.50 percent in the group that was served the low glycemic index diet.

Source: The Hindu

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