Strict control on blood sugar is useless for diabetes type 2 patients ?

According to a new research conducted by New England Journal of Medicine, patients of type 2 diabetes have to leave the conventional idea of tight controlling over blood sugar level.

Controlling blood sugar intensely is no more beneficial than current standards of blood sugar control among those with type 2 diabetes.

Researchers  randomly assigned 1,791 military veterans with longstanding type 2 diabetes to receive treatment that controlled their blood sugar levels very tightly or that used standard targets for controlling blood sugar.

The goal in the intensive-therapy group was an absolute reduction of 1.5 percentage points in the glycated hemoglobin level, as compared with the standard-therapy group.

After an average of nearly six years, those in the tightly controlled blood sugar group had blood sugar levels which remained lower than those who received standard care. There was no  significant difference between the two groups, with respect to the development of cardiovascular events, death rates, or other monitored complications of diabetes.

But those in the intensive blood sugar control group did experience more adverse events from their treatment, particularly hypoglycemia.

The rates of adverse events, predominantly hypoglycemia, were 17.6% in the standard-therapy group and 24.1% in the intensive-therapy group.

Source: NEJM

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