Insulin test program not successful in Iceland

The awareness program of insulin test strips under Nova Scotia seems unsuccessful in its mission. Seniors Federation of P.E.I. complaints that there are many diabetes patients who are not covered by the program as they can not afford it.

It can be added that majority of the patients in Iceland are suffering from type 2 diabetes, which does not require the use of insulin. Doctors still, however, recommend that people with type 2 diabetes use strips to test blood sugar daily.There are cases like that of Carole Kennedy who has type 2 diabetes. She was supposed to test her blood three times a day, but because she can’t afford it, she’s only testing it a few times a month. She can’t understand why the province has turned its back on her needs.

Under Nova Scotia’s pharmacare programs, people like Kennedy would be covered. That province pays for all residents to have as many test strips as needed. The P.E.I. program will only give 100 free test strips a month with an $11 deductible, and only to people who use insulin. Strips cost about $1 each, leading to costs of hundreds of dollars a month.

President Eric Hammill can’t understand why the majority of people with diabetes are still being ignored. He says,

“That’s bothersome. That’s very bothersome. We’ll have to continue to lobby for that because there’s still a big need for it.”


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