Insulin Price to Drop by 70%

Novo Nordisk (Pty) Ltd, started what is called the World Diabetes Foundation which is an independent body aimed at improving the treatment and care of diabetes patients in the world.

As a company they strongly believe that insulin used in treating diabetes needs to be easily available and accessible to the majority of the population. That is why Novo Nordisk signed a convention with the government of Cameroon through the Ministry of Public Health.

The convention is immediately effective after signature. Depending on the demands of insulin in Cameroon, the National Centre for the Provision of Essential Drugs (CENAME) will have to contact Novo Nordisk and through simple transactions, Novo Nordisk will provide insulin at a reduced price. In-fact, the price of insulin in Cameroon will drop by 70 per cent or even more. Insulin injection will cost approximately CFA 3,000.

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