Insulin Inhaler Exubera Rejected by National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence for Cost

Insulin that can be inhaled rather than injected has been rejected by NHS advisers on grounds of cost.

The inhaled insulin “Exubera” is the first non-injected option for insulin therapy since the discovery of the treatment for diabetes in the 1920s.

During clinical trials, researchers found inhaled insulin generally was as effective as injections in controlling blood sugar levels.

Exubera for Type 1 and 2 diabetes costs £1,100 per person per year but patients would still need injections at night.

Charity Diabetes UK said the inhaler was a “medical breakthrough” and access to new developments should not be restricted on the basis of cost.

Many people with diabetes will be deeply disappointed that they are being denied this alternative form of treatment.

There is an urgent need for more research to support the improvements made by using inhaled insulin on quality of life.

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