Increasing cost of diabetes drug makes life tougher for patients

Recent studies have found the cost of diabetes drug is increasing. This has made lives of nearly 24 million diabetes patients tougher.

Type 2 insulin has doubled in cost since 2001, and some UI diabetic students say they’ve noticed the difference. The cost of diabetes medication has risen from $6.5 billion in 2001 to $12.5 billion in 2007, according to research released last week from the University of Chicago and Standford University. In the next three years, the UI will build a diabetes-research center that will help university professors research the condition to possibly east the cost of medication.

Type 1 diabetes - normally referred to as juvenile diabetes - occurs when the pancreas doesn’t produce a sufficient amount of insulin for the body. This illness usually occurs before age 20 and affects 3 million Americans, one million of whom were treated last year, according to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

And like medications treating juvenile diabetes, the price of treating type 2 diabetes is increasing, albeit not as much. Avandia, a new, more expensive medication costs $225 a month, while the generic Metformin costs $30 a month. Metformin is the more commonly used and effective drug, according to the recently-released study. Researchers said they’re constantly looking at new medicines to try cut the cost.

Source: The Daily lowan

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