Heart link of diabetes

diabetic-heartDo you know diabetes is the fifth deadliest disease in US ?  This awesome rank holder is a cold-blooded killer. According to the survey results of the American Diabetes Association death rates due to diabetes has increased 45%.

And among diabetics 65% die of heart diseases. Well this is absolutely true and you need to treat this with obvious seriousness. Diabetes create havoc in our body wrecking our heath in total. Among other devastating things, it changes the cholesterol build-up of the body significantly.

And we know very well what vital role cholesterol plays in battling with the heart’s strength. In majority of the cases the heart loses and we end up with a severe heart attack.

So before cholesterol stabs our heart why not attack it before hand?

Maintain body weight( the 4 magical words ). How? Either play or dance or go to gym whichever you feel happy doing.
Avoid smoking and drinking( hard drinks, of course ).
Eat cholesterol free foods ( may sometimes gorge one or two burgers or pastries but don’t forget to work out after that ).

These tips can keep both diseases-heart and diabetes in proper control.


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