Gestational diabetes increases among pregnant women

According to a study in Australia, rate of gestational diabetes (GD) for women aged between 15-49 climbed more than 20 per cent between 2000-01 and 2005-06.The first national snapshot on the condition was released by the Australian Institute on Health and Welfare today.

GD is a form of diabetes diagnosed during pregnancy that lasts the duration of the pregnancy. Women born overseas had double the risk of being diagnosed with GD, compared with those born in Australia. Women born in Southern Asia had more than three times the risk of being diagnosed with GD than Australian-born women.

Other key findings of the report were that in 2005-06: 4.6 per cent of women, or more than 12,400 women, aged 15-49 years who gave birth in hospital were diagnosed with GD.

Women can reduce their risk of GD by regular exercise, eating a healthy diet and controlling their weight.

Source: The Australian

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